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At The Law Offices of Mark Kelley Schwartz, P.C., we have been providing clients in Michigan, Florida and throughout the country with the representation they need in personal injury and wrongful death claims.

Our practice approach is centered on shining the light on the conduct of persons or corporations which needlessly endanger others. We often are involved in complex accidents, where the cause may not be immediately apparent. Sometimes, numerous safety factors are compromised by negligent employees, poorly trained staff or careless contractors. Our goal is to not only obtain the best recovery for our client, but to uncover the truth, expose negligence and help our clients understand what caused their accidents.

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Attorney Mark Kelley Schwartz has dedicated his career to aviation and personal injury and wrongful death law. Mr. Schwartz's background — which includes being an FAA Certified Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor — allows him to delve into complex cases with an insider's understanding of what should have happened on a flight or at a resort to prevent accidents.

If our firm elects to take your case, we will do everything ethically and legally possible to identify what happened and why. Why did your loved one's airplane crash? Why did the water slide collapse? What can we do to ensure other people are not injured or killed the same way?

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Attorney Mark Schwartz is licensed to practice in Michigan and Florida, He is Board Certified in Aviation Law by The Florida Bar.  The firm also handles personal injury claims nationwide. If you are interested in learning whether you have a case, contact us to schedule your free initial consultation. Our legal team can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 877-568-6800.