An Insider's Understanding Of Airlines And Aviation

Attorney Mark Kelley Schwartz has been representing airline and general aviation accident victims and their families for nearly two decades, and during that time, he has focused on complex accidents, including aviation accidents and accidents and injuries on international airlines.

During and after law school, Mark Kelley Schwartz received his commercial pilot's license for single- and multi-engine aircraft, his Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) certificate from the FAA, his Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument Instructor certificate, as well as his Multi-Engine Instructor certificate. When he was in college, Mr. Schwartz worked in operations at a large commercial airport and for an airline, adding airport operational and airline experience to his resume.

Mr. Schwartz knew he wanted to combine his aviation experience with his law degree, but when he was in law school, there was no aviation law section for the State Bar of Michigan. Even though he was a student member of the bar association, Mr. Schwartz became one of the first members of the aviation law section of Michigan's State Bar.

Flight And Safety Awareness

Any good pilot, or member of any profession for that matter, will tell you that in order to prevent accidents you must study what caused them to begin with. Unfortunately, this sometimes conflicts with a company's need for quick profits and cost reductions. Any good airline, mechanic or pilot should be able to explain to you how he or she educates him or herself to prevent accidents in the first place.

As a pilot, Mr. Schwartz is fascinated with understanding what factors cause accidents to happen. As an instructor, he always emphasized flight awareness, safety awareness and decision-making. Now, as an attorney, he sees the failures in the decision-making process that lead to many of the fatal airplane and helicopter crashes he has litigated.

Many accidents and injuries occur when events take place and the margin of safety is reduced to zero. When that happens, people get seriously injured or killed. When individuals contact us they find out what really happened in the accident that took the life of their loved one. Sometimes that involves us working backward to uncover the truth, allowing us to recover against the culpabale party.

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