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Injuries On Airplanes And At Airports

We represent clients who were injured in domestic or international airplane accidents, and we educate other lawyers about the niche subsets of aviation law, including the Montreal Convention. With nearly two decades of experience, as well as a commercial pilot's license and a certified flight instructor certificate, Mr. Schwartz has the knowledge and experience to provide the counsel injured individuals need.

Representation In A Specialized Area Of Law

Anytime a flight is part of an international journey — even if you are on a domestic leg of the flight — if there is an injury on the flight, the remedies against the airline are limited by the Montreal Convention. You may be able to sue Boeing or the air traffic controller, but your remedies against the airline are limited by Private International Law.

In a recent case, a client from Bangladesh contacted our firm. Her flight to Bangladesh included multiple flights in the United States before the final flight to Bangladesh. Between two of those flights, she fell down an escalator in the airport and broke her humerus.

Before contacting our firm, she had been to two other law firms, and both firms failed to identify her rights under the Montreal Convention. When she contacted our firm, we identified liability and the entire case was wrapped up in a matter of months.

Attorney Referrals In International Airline Accident Cases

Other airline accident lawyers frequently call our firm and ask Mr. Schwartz questions about how their cases should be resolved. We have an in-depth understanding of the subsets of aviation law, and we welcome referrals from other lawyers to help ensure all injury victims receive the legal counsel they need.

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