National Water Slide Injury Attorney

Water slides are becoming more and more complex. When they were first created, water slides were little more than simple 10-foot slides that could be reached with small ladders. Now, water slides are part of the ever-increasing market for entertainment options that provide more thrills.

Unfortunately, many of the new safety standards are created by the manufacturers, and water slide manufacturers and designers often fail to follow common sense or good design practices. In a quest to provide their consumers with more thrills, manufacturers often endanger their consumers instead.

At The Law Offices of Mark Kelley Schwartz, P.C., we are committed to representing individuals who were injured in water slide injury accidents. An experienced Michigan lawyer can help you receive the compensation you need, whether you were injured in Michigan or while you were traveling. We represent individuals whose water slide accidents or injuries involve:

  • Collision on a water slide
  • Broken legs
  • Broken bones
  • Failure to clear the area
  • Water slide collapse
  • Inadequate training of water slide attendants

Bad Design And Negligent Maintenance Of Slides

At a basic level, there is no reason water slides need to go upside down. However, there are looping water slides in the American Midwest and in other countries. Under optimal conditions — such as a person of the right size on a perfectly maintained slide — upside-down water slides could be enjoyable.

In reality, however, many water park operators invest in thrilling water slides and fail to maintain them properly. The operators fail to change the water pumps or check for other defects. Water pumps on slides are like the arteries to your heart. Even with a good diet, they can become clogged, and when water pumps are clogged, the result is too little water on the slide. With less water, riders go down the slides too fast, which can result in broken bones from entering the drop pool too fast.

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