National Federal Tort Claims Act Attorney

Injuries Caused By Government Employees Or Government Negligence

In 1945, a B-52 bomber plane crashed into the Empire State Building. Although the U.S. government offered money to the families of victims who were killed in the crash, some families refused the settlement and filed a lawsuit instead. A few years later, in the wake of that incident, the Federal Tort Claims Act gave private parties the right to sue the United States in a federal court for injuries caused by federal employees.

Now, The Law Offices of Mark Kelley Schwartz, P.C., represents accident victims and their families in Federal Tort Claims Act cases. Because of Mr. Schwartz's background in aviation, many of the cases we take involve lawsuits against the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the government for air traffic controller negligence.

Inadequate Training And Supervision

Inadequate training, supervision and management are rampant at the FAA. In many situations, negligent air traffic controllers do not lose their jobs — even after causing serious injuries or fatalities. In a wrongful death case we resolved recently, the negligent air traffic controller was controlling traffic before our case was finished, most likely within weeks of the fatality.

Michigan-Based Lawyer Fighting For Justice After Air Traffic Controller Negligence

When we elect to take Federal Tort Claims Act cases, we commit to helping our clients understand what caused the accident, and we do everything legally and ethically possible to achieve justice. Schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney to learn whether you have a case. We can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 877-568-6800.